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Expand Your Network

Wish you knew every fleet and taxicab owner to work as many shifts as you can? Our goal is to unify job placement throughout the industry and give all drivers access to available shifts from a larger network of owners. More cabs means a higher chance of leasing a taxicab shift.

We Work To Get You A Shift

Stay home, relax. Do some exercise before working. Since we are working hard to post all available shifts in the five boroughs, all you need to do is reserve a shift from your phone. Simple, easy and painless.

Shift Confirmation

Mobile/SMS Access

Mobile and SMS access means all you need is a mobile phone and you will be able to receive notifications for open shifts and manage your upcoming driving schedule. Don't waste time calling fleets, agents and everyone in your address book. Don't waste money traveling to a garage to "maybe" get a shift. No need to compete with other drivers when you can be certain of your reserved shift beforehand.

Once we post availability for open shifts, simply confirm your interest. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation number that you show the dispatcher at the time of the shift. Then, go make $$$$$.

“Drive Taxi will expand my network of potential drivers. Finding drivers is hard enough. I am excited to take advantage of your service.”

Ricardo Lopez
Yellowcab Medallion Owner for 30+ Years

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Sign Up To Join and Receive NYC Yellowcab Open Shift Alerts


Why do I have to enter so much information?

  • We only want qualified NYC Yellow Taxi Drivers to sign up. 

What will happen once I sign up?

  • Once you sign up, we will verify your information and register you to receive notifications about open yellow cab shifts in NYC.

How long after I am verified will I have to wait to begin to reserve shifts?

  • We are currently building the service and working with owners and fleets to maximize your options for open shifts. Once we are ready to provide you with the best service possible, we will let you know everything is ready for you.

I don't have my TLC/Hack License yet, but am interested in becoming an NYC Yellow Taxi Driver and signing up for your service. How do I get in touch?

  • Send an email to with your Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Date of Birth and Preferred Taxicab Pickup/Drop-off Location.

I am a Medallion Owner/Fleet/Agent and I want to post shifts available to drivers. How do I find out more information?

  • Send an email to with your Name, Position, Company, Contact Info and Number of Cabs Managed.

I am a Green Cab Driver. Will I be able to use your service?

  • Send an email to with your Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Date of Birth and Preferred Taxicab Pickup/Drop-off Location. We will update you when we are ready to give you the best service possible.



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